La Par Founder

Lisa Tran grew up as a young girl helping her mother in her family nail salon. Seeing her mothers grit and determination to build her own business as a Vietnamese immigrant inspired her to rise above the bar in every part of her own life. 

After dedicating 15 years to teaching and creating positive outlets for children in the Los Angeles Valley Charter School District, she finally decided to follow in her mothers footsteps in her own way. Given her upbringing in the nail salon she saw a great need for women to be able to be well manicured without compromising their natural nail beds. This, combined with her motto to dream big relentlessly, birthed the inception of La Par in 2013.

With a genuine love for humanity and truth she desired to revolutionize the nail industry by bringing ethical health focused nail products to the market. 

La Par nail and lifestyle brand is a motivating reminder from Lisa to the masses to take care of yourself and others while you live life exceptionally.