Grow Stronger Nails

La Par isn’t the typical nail product.

We are a non-toxic brand that’s spreading awareness of healthier alternatives in all nail services and techniques. We uphold the integrity of your nails for better results.

Our Gel Builder in a bottle is easily applicable and helps nails from breaking or chipping for up to three or four weeks. It is very beneficial to the nail bed as it allows the natural nail to grow without constantly peeling or damaging the natural nail.

Our specially formulated 4-in-1 Base for our gel nail extensions consists of fiber, which helps structure the nails easily with a strong adhesive without compromising the health of the nail.

Natural nails need oxygen and with products like acrylics, dip powder and hard gel they do not allow the nail bed to breathe, causing the nail to lift off the nail bed and/or shrink the nail bed. Many of these products also cause allergic reactions that don’t appear until five or six years later, and by then it’s too late, the damage is done.

Proper education starts with you. We educate nail specialists on the importance of nail care, nail rejuvenation, and how to utilize the proper tools / techniques with our non-toxic nail products. Not only do we educate our nail technicians, artists, and salons; but also the clients receiving the services.

We want to ensure the health of our clients’ nails by providing a luxury product while also providing a way for nail professionals to increase profit by offering a brand that will maximize results with minimal application time. Our techniques are above par and will help nail technicians have a better understanding of nail care, customer service, satisfaction, and ultimate success.

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Above The Bar.

The healthier alternative, Free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and various solvents. Extensivly tested for long wear, strength, and flawless finishes.

Reflect Your Style

La Par has everything you need to embellish your vibe and accentuate your personality.

With a wide range of options from wholesome earth tones to vibrant festival colors.

La Par delivers something for everyone!

Hello Valentine!