Collection: La Par Pro Classes & Certification Courses

Welcome and Thank You for your interest in becoming a La Par Pro! We are ready to help you learn the latest methods for exceptional nail service. The first of its kind, our product line is mindfully designed to improve every clients natural nail health. We understand the mass desire to become more health conscious. We strongly believe that to achieve the pinnacle of vitality one must be aware not only of your lifestyle, but also what you put on your body. Unlike any other, La Par is Big 5 free, non toxic, vegan, and not tested on animals. Our brand is defying the odds and revolutionizing the nail industry.

Objective: As the leading healthy alternative, nontoxic brand in the nail industry, La Par’s Certification Course is designed to set you up for success as a leading, health-conscious nail professional! From nail fundamentals to La Par Advanced Nail Prep and Application Techniques, learn how to work smarter and not harder with La Par products to create beautiful, strong, healthy nails.

La Par Pro Classes & Certification Courses